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Background: Sleep is an important part of human health and life and is necessary for the maintenance of good health. With so many distractions in their life, college students are known for their variable sleep schedules.  Sleep deprivation can affect the concentration and educational status of students. It affects the capacity of individual learning and academic performance.  Inadequate sleep may affect cognitive function.  The study aimed to find a correlation between sleep quality and concentration in physiotherapy students. Methods: An observational-analytical study was conducted on physiotherapy students willing to participate, using a convenience sampling technique.  Data was collected through Google Forms which included demographic data, the Pittsburg sleep quality index (PSQI) to assess sleep quality and a concentration questionnaire to assess concentration levels. Results: 55 physiotherapy students completed the forms; there were 12 males and 43 females with mean age (20.0±0) years.  The mean score for PSQI (7.00 ± 7.10) and the concentration questionnaire (9.50 ± 3.50). Spearman’s correlation to find a correlation between PSQI and concentration questionnaire showed (r=0.352, p=0.008) Conclusion: Sleep Quality and concentration are found to be affected with a weak positive correlation seen between sleep quality and concentration in physiotherapy students.  

Keywords: concentration, physiotherapy students, PSQI, sleep quality

The Journal publishes original papers, current concepts, reviews and other articles relevant to physiotherapy with the aim to promote advances in research in the field of Physiotherapy. It also provides an opportunity for the expression of individual opinions on healthcare." with "The journal aims to promote research advances in the field of physiotherapy by publishing original papers, current concepts, reviews, and other relevant articles. In addition, it provides a platform for individuals to express their opinions on healthcare.

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