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Lifestyle diseases, or non-communicable diseases (NCDs), are caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices and environmental factors. These chronic diseases include cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes, and cancer, which are responsible for 71% of global deaths, according to the World Health Organization. Poor diet, lack of physical activity, tobacco, alcohol use, and stress are common causes and risk factors for lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle diseases significantly impact individuals and society, including physical and emotional burdens and economic burdens. Policymakers can play a role in addressing lifestyle diseases by implementing policies and regulations to prevent and manage these conditions, such as a sugar tax or restrictions on tobacco and alcohol use.

Keywords: Lifestyle diseases, non-communicable diseases


The Journal publishes original papers, current concepts, reviews and other articles relevant to physiotherapy with the aim to promote advances in research in the field of Physiotherapy. It also provides an opportunity for the expression of individual opinions on healthcare.The journal aims to promote research advances in the field of physiotherapy by publishing original papers, current concepts, reviews, and other relevant articles. In addition, it provides a platform for individuals to express their opinions on healthcare.

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