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Introduction: The World Confederation of Physiotherapy policy statement states that “Physical therapy is services provided by physical therapists to individuals and populations to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout the lifespan.” It has been more than seven decades since the inception of physiotherapy in India. Despite its commendable results in prevention as well as treatment, awareness of physiotherapy remains a big question in India. Aim and Objective: To study the awareness of physiotherapy among the general public in rural areas. Material and Method: A survey was conducted using a questionnaire. A sample of 200 individuals was drawn from the general public from villages around Delhi. They completed a structured questionnaire designed to test their knowledge of the physiotherapy profession and services provided by physiotherapists. The obtained data were analyzed by using Excel version 2301 and depicting the percentage of data. Result: A total of 200 respondents comprising 104 (52%) men and 96(48%) women participated in the study. The majority of respondents never heard about physiotherapy and knew only of physiotherapy services in Bone, joint and nerve-related dysfunction but were least aware of its results in other community services and medical conditions. The main source of information was newspaper and relatives. Conclusion: The awareness is not satisfactory in rural areas. The awareness about physiotherapy must be enhanced among the rural population. 

Key Words: Physiotherapy, Rural population, India, public awareness. 

The Journal publishes original papers, current concepts, reviews and other articles relevant to physiotherapy with the aim to promote advances in research in the field of Physiotherapy. It also provides an opportunity for the expression of individual opinions on healthcare.The journal aims to promote research advances in the field of physiotherapy by publishing original papers, current concepts, reviews, and other relevant articles. In addition, it provides a platform for individuals to express their opinions on healthcare.

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