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Human physical structure changes with age along with lifestyle. The changes are constant and irreversible to some extent. The spine is one of the most common structures which changes and leads to changes in other structures. Any kind of adverse changes in spinal structure compromises the proximal stability and mobility which further comprise the distal stability as well as mobility. Certain physical changes like tightness, stiffness, or weakness as well as functional limitations are not recognized until pain and discomfort overcome the ADLs. Spinal wellness should be taken into consideration from early aging with prediction, prevention, and personalization. Thus we would like to develop a comprehensive program for assessing and managing the normality of spinal structure under the spinal wellness program.

AIMS: To find out the efficacy of the spinal Wellness Program on healthy individuals.

METHODOLOGY:30 subjects were selected based on the physical assessment such as joint Range of Motion (ROMs), Manual Muscle Testing (MMT), the curvature of the spine, and v-sit & reach test and spine functional index under functional assessment. A subject-specific spinal wellness program was given for two weeks to assess the effect.

RESULT: All the statistical analysis was done by SPSS 25. An intergroup analysis for comparing the difference between pre and post was done by using an independent sample t-test. In the pre-assessment, we found that normal subjects have a lack of range of motion and strength in the spine. after the program, we saw significant changes in the physical as well as functional outcomes.

CONCLUSION: In context to result and discussion spinal wellness programs must be taken into consideration in the early age of life within the lifestyle modification to prevent spine-related disease and disorders such a comprehensive spinal wellness program can be prescribed to the community for health and wellness.

KEYWORDS: Spine Wellness, Stretching, Strengthening, Spine Deformity, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation



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