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Background Since past two years, as Covid Era hit the world, there have been a gradual progress in the number of rehabilitation studies and technological development. Although the term Tele- Rehabilitation is known for decades but it got the spotlight in this scenario. The term “Telerehabilitation” can be defined as the use of internet or telecommunications to provide physical, occupational or speech therapy to patient in their homes or any comfortable environment.

Purpose: To determine the effectiveness of Tele-Rehabilitation Strategies in patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

Methodology: :  A comprehensive review of the available literature was conducted using electronic databases namely Google scholar, PubMed, Science Direct published between April 2007 and January 2021.This review includes studies which examines following components namely validity, reliability, patients’ feedback and satisfaction of tele rehabilitation-based Physiotherapy assessment and treatment in Musculoskeletal conditions other than post covid complications.

Results: A total of 18 rehabilitation based researches were taken out of which 15 studies showed the increased acceptance with better finding of tele- rehabilitation in accordance with musculoskeletal disorders. On other hand certain limitation in assessment of lumbar spine posture, orthopedic special test, neurodynamic test and scar assessment were found in 3 studies.

Conclusion::Tele-Rehabilitation based physiotherapy was found to be more feasible with good validity and reliability but in certain areas orthopedic specialized test and treatments require face to face or in clinics mode of operation.

Keywords::Tele-Physiotherapy; Tele-Rehabilitation; Musculoskeletal; Physiotherapy; Tele-communication; Disorders.

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