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Background Back pain during pregnancy may commence as early as the 12th week, although the fifth through seventh months are cited as the most common period for onset of back pain... Self-help’ treatment or coping strategies may be appropriate forms of management and can be taught so that women are able to treat themselves.

Method: Ethical approval was taken. After ethical approval 17 pregnant women with back pain were assigned alternatively to two groups: Group A (control group) and Group B (experimental group). The baseline data were obtained from both the groups using Rolland Morris questionnaire and Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) for pain. The subjects of group A were explained about the life style modification with the use of pamphlet. They were advised to follow dos and don’ts at home as written in the pamphlet. The subjects of group B also received same pamphlet of home advice for do’s-don’ts along with pamphlet of exercises.

 Result:  Comparison of VAS & RMQS for pain & Disability score before & after intervention in Group A and B is statically significant. Intergroup comparison of VAS (p=0.082) and RMQS (p=0.367) before intervention shows that there is no significant difference between the pre treatment values of VAS and RMQS. The post treatment values of VAS and RMQS were done with independent t test. The t value of inter group treatment for VAS is 0.141 and p=0.89.

Discussion:In this study, exercises were given with use of pamphlet to only one group and home advices were given with the use of pamphlet to both the groups. The effects of home advices were found as effective as those of exercises. It may be due to the fact that ergonomic enhancements may reduce back pain during pregnancy.

Conclusion::This study concludes that exercises with pamphlet are as effective as home advices with do’s and don’ts in reducing pain and disability in low back pain during pregnancy.

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