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Abstract :
Background : Exercise prescription is an essential part of physiotherapy practice. Interval Training Program (ITP) is one window solution for any population and any condition. It will reduce the occurrences of the injuries and will fasten the recovery. The process of aging in humans is characterized by a multitude of changes in all bodily systems that ultimately result in a decreased capacity to function and increased co-morbidities. Therefore, the purpose of this study is Designing and testing of ITP on physical and functional performance among elderly people.
Objectives :To design the ITP for elderly people. To Analyze the Effect of ITP on 30-sec sit-to-stand Test (30STS). To Analyze the Effect of ITP on Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR). To Analyze the Effect of ITP on Berg Balance Scale (BBS).
Methodology: 61 elderly people were approached by old age homes. Informed written consent followed by assessment including inclusion and exclusion criteria as well as outcomes such as 30 STS, PEFR and BBS. 31+30 sample sizes were allotted for Control and Experimental groups. The Control group was free to do their Regular Activities and the Experimental group received ITP. Outcome measures were taken pre, after 2nd and 4th week.
Result and discussion: : Result of within and between-group analysis in which experimental group showed significant improvement in physical as well as functional performance in elderly people.

Conclusion: The present study concluded that the Interval training program has an impact on Physical and Functional performance among elderly people.

Keywords : Berg Balance Scale (BBS), Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR), 30-sec sit-to-stand Test (30STS).

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