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Background: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has caused a global pandemic since 2019, creating a burden on the medical industry. Recent studies have indicated that even after recovering from the disease, the affected person can have persisting symptoms suggested as Long-COVID.

Objective: The objective of the survey was to understand the long term sequelae of COVID-19 in recovered people of different parts of India, and hence to assess the need of rehabilitation in them.

Method: It was a cross-sectional survey design. The survey was conducted via Google Forms on a convenient sample of COVID recovered participants (minimum 2 months post- recovered). Those with active disease or re-infections were excluded.

Results: 50 participants completed the survey. Difficulty in breathing was majorly reported as the symptom persisting even after recovering by 44% of the participants. 58% of the participants reported difficulty in returning to work. 62% had shortness of breath after using the stairs and 48% of them got tired after doing daily tasks.

Conclusion: The long-term complications prevail in people who have recovered from COVID-19 which can potentially be addressed with a structured rehabilitation program.

Key words – Coronavirus disease, Long COVID, Pandemic, COVID recovered, Rehabilitation.

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