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Background: It is a balance which enables an individual to maintain a steady state doing his/her activities. Also, with advancing age there is increasing risk of balance impairment. Various body systems are responsible for maintaining balance. These systems function together in coordination to maintain optimum balance.

Purpose: To study the relationship between balance impairment and changes in ankle range of motion (ROM) in elderly.

Method: Correlation study was carried out with 65 subjects aged between 60 - 80 years of elderly population who agreed to participate in this research. The study participants were categorized into high risk of fall, moderate risk of fall, low risk of fall. Balance / fear of fall was measured using Tinetti Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment (POMA) (balance and gait), multidirectional Reach Test (MDRT), and Dynamic Gait Index (DGI). Goniometer was used to measure the active range of motion of the ankle joint. Balance measures and ROM were correlated using Pearson's correlation coefficient.

Results: Frontal plane ROM has equal correlation with balance measures. However sagittal plane ROM has greater correlation with balance measures of DGI and MDRT (FR, BR) and mild correlation with POMA and MDRT (RR, LR). There exists a difference in ankle ROM between those who were at high risk and low risk of fall. And there was no significant difference between high and moderate risk groups.

Conclusion: Mild correlation exists between ankle ROM and balance measures in elderly. Improving ankle ROM with balance training in elderly may prevent risk of fall and its related injuries

Keywords: Ankle Range of motion (ROM), Balance in elderly, Multidirectional reach test, Tinetti performance-oriented mobility assessment, Dynamic gait index.

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