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Background: The Menstrual Cycle is the second most important biological rhythm, next to the circadian one. Several studies have demonstrated that various components of body systems and sports performance may be affected by menstrual rhythm, secondary to the differential effects of sex steroid hormones. It has been suggested that neuromuscular function gets impaired due to the specific hormonal influence of the menstrual cycle. Thus the overall aim of this study was to assess if balance score gets affected in Menstrual Phase Vs Late Follicular Phase of the reproductive cycle.

Objectives: To Compare the effect of Menstrual phase vs late follicular phase of reproductive cycle on balance.

Methods: 30 Normal females from a reputed institution were recruited for the study according to the inclusion criteria. The subjects’ parameters for balance (GBS) were collected at two instances i.e. Menstrual Phase and Late Follicular Phase. Global Balance Score of subjects was noted by the use of Phyaction Balance Master, after having obtained informed consent and giving a trial session. Statistical analysis was performed using the statistical package SPSS.

Results: The effects of menstrual phases on balance, as measured via Global Balance Score, was assessed using paired t-test and level of significance was set at p<0.05. P-value was found to be 0.59 which is non-significant i.e. there is no change in Global Balance Score in Menstrual Phase vs Late Follicular Phase of reproductive cycle.

Conclusions: The study had shown non-significant results of Global Balance score in Menstrual Phase vs Late Follicular Phase.

Keywords: Menstrual Cycle, Balance, Global Balance Score

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