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Professional tennis is characterized by intense physical demands, requiring athletes to exhibit exceptional agility, strength, and endurance. In this high-stakes environment, the role of physiotherapy is paramount in ensuring players maintain peak performance while mitigating the risk of injuries. This review article shares my personal experience and examines the multifaceted approach of physiotherapists in optimizing player performance and well-being in the dynamic world of professional tennis. Drawing upon empirical research, biomechanical analysis, and clinical expertise, it explores the preventive strategies, rehabilitation protocols,onfield support and psychological support provided by physiotherapists to elite tennis players. By illuminating the pivotal role of physiotherapy in athlete care, this review aims to underscore the importance physiotherapist role and also with integrating sports science and allied health disciplines in maximizing athletic potential and safeguarding player health in the competitive arena of professional tennis.

Keyword:Tennis,On-field,physio support,medical assessment,Player care

The Journal publishes original papers, current concepts, reviews and other articles relevant to physiotherapy with the aim to promote advances in research in the field of Physiotherapy. It also provides an opportunity for the expression of individual opinions on healthcare.The journal aims to promote research advances in the field of physiotherapy by publishing original papers, current concepts, reviews, and other relevant articles. In addition, it provides a platform for individuals to express their opinions on healthcare.

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