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Background: Stroke is common neurological disorders leading to chronic disability. Following stroke, patients lose functions of the motor, sensory and cognitive functions to various degrees which lead to diminished balance and mobility of patients. To improve balance and mobility various interventions are used.

Objective: To compare the effect of Otago exercise program (OEP) versus Fitness and Mobility Exercise (FAME) Program on balance and mobility in chronic stroke patients.

Methods: In the present experimental study, total 58 patients participated. Out of which 29 patients were randomly allocated in two groups (Group A: Otago Exercise program and Group B: FAME Program) as per inclusion and exclusion criteria and exercises were given by Otago Exercise Program and FAME Program for 3days a week with total duration of 8 weeks. Pre and post intervention assessment was carried out by using Berg Balance Scale (BBS) and POMA. Data was collected and analysed.

Results: Paired t test was applied within group and result showed that both Otago Exercise and FAME Program are effective for improving balance and mobility. Independent t test was applied between groups. Results show no significant difference found in balance between two groups but FAME program group proven to be significantly more effective in improving mobility.  

Conclusion: This study concludes that both interventions are equally effective for improving balance and mobility but FAME program group is more effective for improving mobility than Otago Exercise Program.

Key words: Chronic Stroke, Otago exercise, Balance, mobility, FAME Program

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