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BACKGROUND: Urinary incontinence (UI) is a condition where individuals encounter involuntary urine leakage, leading to challenges in social interactions and individual hygiene. This issue not only affects physical health but also takes a toll on mental and social well-being, causing feelings of anxiety, shame, and social isolation. Globally, the prevalence of UI varies between 8% to 45%, with higher rates observed in developing regions like Asia. Despite its global prevalence, many people avoid asking help due to societal stigma and a lack of knowledge about its treatments. Research in various parts of the world has highlighted insufficient knowledge and unfavorable attitudes towards UI, particularly among women.

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: There is a lack of evidence on the prevalence, knowledge, and attitude regarding Urinary Incontinence (UI) among the rural population in India. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence, knowledge, and attitude of UI among rural females in the Vadodara district, Gujarat.

METHODS AND MATERIAL: The prevalence of UI was assessed using the Questionnaire for Female Urinary Incontinence Diagnosis (QUID), while knowledge and attitudes regarding UI were evaluated through the Incontinence Quiz questionnaire

RESULTS: Among 150 participants, 25.3% had urinary incontinence, predominantly stress UI (71%), followed by urge (28.9%) and mixed (15.7%) types. An Incontinence Quiz revealed a mean score of 3.70 ± 2.43 out of 14, indicating insufficient knowledge and negative attitudes toward UI

CONCLUSION: The study reveals a high prevalence of stress urinary incontinence in rural women in Vadodara, accompanied by inadequate knowledge and negative attitudes toward the condition. It is crucial to create awareness and provide health education to promote better understanding and a positive outlook towards urinary incontinence.

KEY WORDS: Urinary Incontinence, Rural Women, QUID, Incontinence Qu

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