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Now a day road traffic accidents are quite common. Due to road traffic accidents so many young energetic person losing their body parts & become dependent for Activities of Daily Living & ambulation on others.

Loss of Bilateral lower extremities affects the ambulation and psychological status of the person. Loss of bilateral Lower extremities from above knee leads problems in ambulation for person with disability. Two types of prosthesis can be use for the such kind of person.

1.High tech prosthesis in which patient’s height is not affected but when ever patient wants to go for ambulation he needs assistance in form of family member or caregivers. Patient remains dependent for the ambulation. There is high risk of fall associated with it.

2.Another prosthesis is stubbies prosthesis which will decrease height of patient but more stable than the high tech prosthesis. After complete rehabilitation training he become independent for his ambulation. There is a less risk of fall with stubbies.

Rehabilitation of the person with loss of Bilateral Lower extremities is more difficult than loss of one lower extremity as Lower extremities mainly responsible for the stability. As we know stability is the need for mobility. With proper mobility only person can ambulate.

Best rehabilitation is possible when we get both stability & mobility at their best level. 


The Journal publishes original papers, current concepts, reviews and other articles relevant to physiotherapy with the aim to promote advances in research in the field of Physiotherapy. It also provides an opportunity for the expression of individual opinions on healthcare." with "The journal aims to promote research advances in the field of physiotherapy by publishing original papers, current concepts, reviews, and other relevant articles. In addition, it provides a platform for individuals to express their opinions on healthcare.

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