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AIM: To compare the effects of MFR and Phonophoresis followed by Cervical Isometrics on Pain and ROM on patients with Trapezitis

CONTEXT : The inflammation of the trapezius muscle, known as trapeziitis, is brought on by overworking the muscle and injuring it, which causes regional fibres to unintentionally shorten. MFR works by loosening up tight muscles, boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage, and triggering the stretch reflex in the muscles and surrounding fascia. (1) Phonophoresis is a therapeutic ultrasound technique used to deliver pharmacologic substances, typically anti-inflammatory or analgesic medicines, via the skin into the subcutaneous tissues. (2) 

METHODOLOGY : 60 individuals were chosen based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. They were split into two groups, each with 30 subjects, and given treatment using MFR and Phonophoresis followed by Cervical Isometrics. Treatment was given for 6 consecutive days. VAS, NDI and ROM were assessed and compared.

OUTCOME MEASURE: Visual analogue scale (VAS), Cervical ROM, Neck Disability Index (NDI)

RESULT: Both groups saw considerable Pain reduction, ROM improvement, and improvement in Neck Disability; however, Group A experienced more significant differences in pain, disability index, and ROM than Group B.

CONCLUSION: In lowering pain and neck dysfunction while enhancing ROM in patients with Trapezitis, Myofascial Release Technique is superior to Phonophoresis.

KEYWORDS : Trapezitis, MFR, Phonophoresis, Dexamethasone, VAS, NDI, Cervical ROM.

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