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Background: photographers have to carry heavy gears, hike miles for a perfect photo and/or maintain an odd position over time can develop shoulder, neck and back pain. These pains can affect their photography. So, a study was carried out to assess the prevalence of shoulder, neck, and back pain among photographers and to investigate the relationship between this pain and its risk factors.

Methodology: A sample size of ninety photographers were taken for this study. To assess risk factor of pain among photographers were asked to fill the work-related musculoskeletal disorders questionnaire (WMSDsQ)to identify the musculoskeletal disorders during the photo-shoots. It is analysed by rapid upper limb analysis (RULA) and ergonomic risk factors noted. The outcome measure used in this study is RULA (rapid upper limb analysis).

Result: The prevalence of neck and shoulder pain is comparatively higher in photographers. The causes of the pain are repeated strain and awkward working postures, excessive positioning injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions. In this study the professional photographers (57%) showed more neck and shoulder pain than freelance photographer (35%)

Conclusion:  It was found that prolonged occupational hazard and maintaining awkward positions were the main reasons for musculoskeletal disorders among photographers.

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