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Background: Volleyball players need greater amount of physical fitness components as the game involves sudden change in directions inside the volleyball court. The training program for Volleyball players should enhance the sport – specific skills. As far as volleyball players are concerned, vertical jump is one of the most important physical fitness components. The effect of different training protocols on vertical jump performance has to be identified. The aim of the study was to analyse the effect of Plyometric training versus Calisthenics training on Vertical jump performance in collegiate volleyball players.

Materials and Methods: 30 collegiate volleyball players were selected according to the selection criteria and were divided into two groups with 15 subjects in each group. Subjects in Group A received Plyometric training and Subjects in Group B received Calisthenics training. Sargent jump test was used to measure vertical jump performance.

Results: An Independent sample ‘t’ test was used to compare the two groups. The Statistical Analysis showed a significant difference in Sargent jump scores in Group A (M=55.09, SD=1.67) and in Group B (M=50.36, SD=1.35), t(28)= 8.54. The result suggests that Plyometric training group have shown significant improvement following training.

Conclusion: The study concludes that the Plyometric training is more effective in improving Vertical jump performance than Calisthenics training in collegiate volleyball players.

Keywords: Calisthenics training, Plyometric training, Volleyball players, Vertical jump performance.


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